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Water Voles

These photos were all taken with my newer camera (Canon 5D Mark III) at the British Wildlife Centre located in Newchapel, Surrey in 2017. It's a fabulous centre focused on educating people about British Wildlife. It's open on weekends and during school holidays. It's a privately owned organisation and the vast majority of its profits are ploughed back into improving the accommodation for animals, on breeding programmes, habitat conservation and providing the best experience for their visitors.


The second five photos were taken at the members only evening during the summer. We had the opportunity to walk around the centre in the evening after normal closing hours. Since many animals are more active around dusk, it was a great opportunity to see more of the animals. The water vole made an appearance and was out and about for quite a while, which was fabulous to photograph. It's pot luck if you happen to be walking past when it appears though!


Since that day, that particular water vole has been 'retired' from public life and there are now six new water voles instead (the first five photos in the set). The black ones were tiny, less than half the size of the old one, I suspect, and very jittery. The slightest noise sent them into hiding. But, with some patience, there's plenty of action to see.

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The first four photos of the water vole were taken in the pond outside the Arundel Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), West Sussex in 2015. They were taken with my old camera (Canon 40D). WWT is a charity that saves wetlands, which are essential for life itself. Every day they're at the heart of issues like well-being, nature, climate change and education.


Click on the link to the right to find out more about both the Arundel Wetland Trust.


Posted: 17/06/17

Click on the link to the right to find out more about both the British Wildlife Centre.


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