Lisa G Saw


SWT Woods Mill, West Sussex

Woods Mill is a Sussex Wildlife Trust reserve located just north of Small Dole on the road from Upper Beeding to Henfield and many people don't know it exists. I first went many years ago when I was at primary school and 'rediscovered' it recently. In 2018 they are celebrating 50 years at Woods Mill and putting on a whole host of free events and courses for people to get involved with. Since becoming a member of the SWT I attended one of the members events - a guided wander around the reserve and I was blown away by the knowledge of the volunteers and staff. There was so much more there than I'd realised. It was wonderful to learn about the different owls, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, insects and flora. It was all done in a really friendly, relaxed, informative way that made it so much fun to discover what was right under my nose! Here are just some of the highlights of my springtime and summer ambles through the reserve.


You can also click on the links below to see more photos of the Kestrels and Barn Owl that I've also seen at the reserve.

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Sussex Wildlife Trust is all about protecting the rich natural heritage of East and West Sussex, and Brighton and Hove. It exists so that future generations can experience the joy and well-being that comes from connecting with nature in Sussex. To visit their website click on the button to the right.


They run a whole host of free events as part of the Woods Mill at 50 celebrations from now until the start of 2019. To find out more click on the button to the right. They also run an extensive list of other events and courses, which aren't free or part of their 50th celebrations, but you might find really interesting. A few years ago I did a badger watch with David Plummer, which I'd highly recommend. On their website you can also see the live Kestrel Cam (see the Woods Mill at 50 Events page). It's very addictive and fantastic to have the opportunity to watch the chicks growing and preparing for fledging. It probably won't be long now before they leave the nestbox (June/July).

Visit Sussex Wildlife Trust Website Woods Mill at 50 Events

Row 1: Barn Owl on hay bale / Deer at dusk / Brown argus butterfly / Teasel plant and insects on a summer's evening / summer grass

Row 2: Rabbit / Moorhen chick / Long tailed tit / Buttercups / Comma butterfly

Row 3: Buzzard / Willow Warbler / Nuthatch / Signet and swan / Signets following the swan

Row 4: Azure damselfly / Reed bunting with food in mouth / Little grebe chicks and adult / Little grebe chick reflection / Beautiful damoiselle

Row 5: Beautiful damoiselle about to fly / Longhorn beetle / Tawny owl sleeping / Tawny owlets high in the trees / Song thrush singing at dusk

Barn Owl Photos Kestrel Photos