Lisa G Saw


Snow in Sussex

When we had snow overnight on Saturday 17th March this year, I couldn't wait to go out and take photos on the Sunday, as I just love the snow! We might not have had the heavy snowfall others experienced further north in the country, but I managed to get a few good ones local to where I lived in West Sussex. I set my alarm for 5.30am, which is super early even for me. It took me a while to actually get going, but the advantage in getting up so early was that I was the first one on Worthing Pier. Only the gulls had left any footprints in the snow before I arrived.

From Worthing Beach I headed up to Cissbury Ring and it still wasn't 8am yet. There were a few other early birds, joggers and dog walkers. It was pretty cold at the top of the hill, with the winds whisking up some of the snow. The countryside looked so beautiful.

The final stop was at RSPB Pulborough Brooks in the hope of capturing some of the wildlife in the snow, wintery conditions.