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You can either do a day trip over to Skomer Island or, if you book well in advance, you can actually stay on the island. As the island accommodation was fully booked, I did two day trips, but it's only a short boat ride over, so it's quick and easy, plus you may be lucky and see porpoise on the way. You can't book in advance on these day trips, so if you want to be sure of getting a ticket on the first boat during the busy periods and maximising your time there, then you need to get to Lockley Lodge at Martin's Haven early, before opening between about 8 and 8.30pm. The tickets are strictly on a first come first served basis. Remember, the sailings only happen when the weather conditions are right, and if one day it's too windy, the following day there will be even more people than usual wanting to get across to Skomer (even more reason to get there early and queue for your ticket). You pay for landing on the island as it's a reserve run by the Welst Trust for South and West Wales and they limit how many people can visit the island each day. You will also need to pay for the boat trip itself (cash on board whilst you're crossing). At the time of going it was £11 for each. The Lockley Lodge website is really handy as they post a tweet every morning to say if the boats will be departing that day (click on the link to their webpage).


I stayed at the Foxdale Guest House and Campsite, which is in a fabulous location in Marloes, the closest village to Martin's Haven where the boats depart for the islands. I stayed in their fabulous one bedroom apartment the first time but stayed bed and breakfast in the main guest house the second time. Host Heater put on a fabulous spread for breakfast and was able to offer vegetarian and soya options, which was great. I'd highly recommend the pancakes with fruit, yoghurt and maple syrup! There's also a campsite at the back too for anyone more adventurous. It's a wonderful place to stay with very friendly hosts in a great location.

Lockley Lodge Foxdale Guest House & Campsite


Aside from doing the boat trips to visit Skomer Island (you can't land on Grassholm and you can only visit Skokholm if you stay overnight), I went on three other boat trips with Dale Sea Safaris, which I would highly recommend. There was the Grassholm Gannetry Experience, Skomer and Skokholm Safari and Evening Safari. They were all very enjoyable and helped me to appreciate all the wonderful birds and wildlife from a different perspective. The staff in the office were incredibly helpful and the staff on the boats were knowledgable and friendly. You can also charter your own boat if there is a group of you.

Dale Sea Safaris


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