Lisa G Saw


RSPB Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex

I've been a frequent visitor to RSPB Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex this year having enjoyed some fabulous sightings of wildlife and not just birds! It's another great reserve well worth a visit.

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Row 1: A family of green woodpeckers / Immature green woodpecker / Rabbit running / Speckled wood butterfly / Gatekeeper butterfly

Row 2: Long tailed tit / Starlings flying onto the fence / Shafts of light breaking through the cloud / Jay just taking off from a post / Lapwing

Row 3: Ladybird / Skipper butterfly / Fallow deer peering through the reeds / Nightingale / Squirrel eating

Row 4: Robin / Wren / Tree blossom / Blackcap / Blue tit

Row 5: Sunset over the brooks / White pigeon / Adder snake / Snake slithering off into the undergrowth / Nuthatch