Lisa G Saw


Norfolk & Suffolk

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In December 2018 I stayed at Deer Park Lookout on the Gunton Park estate for a week (photo 2). This deer park hosts fallow, sika and red deer and it was amazing to walk around the grounds and feel like I had the place to myself. There's a beautiful lake on the grounds too and I enjoyed watching the sunrise on a few of the mornings. With the early morning mist on the ground, it really was quite a special time to visit and provided me with some great photographic opportunities. The main reason for my visit was to witness the mass of grey seals that have their pups on the beaches at Blakeney Point and Horsey Beach during the winter. Both places were fabulous and unique in their own way. I used Beans Boats for my boat trips at Blakeney and one trip included a landing on the point, guided by the National Trust, that was fabulous. A word of warning, if you decide to go to Horsey Beach at sunrise before the wardens get there, the seals don't know they should stay off the path! You often have to divert your route in the sand dunes to avoid them, as I discovered. I even had a stand off with a bull seal on the coastal path (photo 24), which he won! He wasn't going anywhere! They can weigh over 300kg and since I'd already witnessed how quickly they can shift on the sand and how ferocious they can be, I ended up walking through the field to avoid him!


To end the trip, I spent a couple of extra days down at RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk with a couple of friends. We got to witness the starling murmurations both evenings, which were so impressive. It's a bit hit and miss in terms of finding the best place to view the superflock as the reedbeds are so extensive. I'll have to go back another time and see if I can't get some better photos next time!


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