Lisa G Saw



All these photos of foxes were taken at the British Wildlife Centre located in Newchapel, Surrey. It's a fabulous centre focused on educating people about British Wildlife. It's open on weekends and during school holidays. It's a privately owned organisation and the vast majority of its profits are ploughed back into improving the accommodation for animals, on breeding programmes, habitat conservation and providing the best experience for their visitors.


Click on the link to the right to find out more about the British Wildlife Centre.


Teresa May plans to repeal the fox hunting ban that was introduced in 2004 following the general election in June 2017. However, a petition has been started to try and keep the ban on fox hunting. It currently has over 750,000 signatures. If, like me, you are against the cruel hunting of foxes for sport, then please take a few moments to sign the petition. Simply click on the link to the right and you will be redirected to the petition website.


Posted: 17/05/17

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